Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mother saw Reno has entered her vagina ....

PALEMBANG - Sepriyanti (24), a housewife citizens Jl Tunas Harapan RT 3 RW 2, District Sukamaju, Sub Sako, Sako Palembang report to Polsek because his son violated.

According to evidence Sepriyanti, her berinisial IF (5), seconds the incident on Monday, at 14:00 GMT, taking a bath. But after a bath, Sepriyanti not see her.

Then it searches for his son and brought the performer appears named Reno. His son brought into the rotunda. When viewed, it appears to Reno has entered her vagina to the pubic offering.

Rush, by the principal actors offering terpergok I disconnect the penis, which had entered. However, new victims reported the incident yesterday, Thursday (08/12/2011) to Polsek Sako.

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