Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tega associate brother sister couch

BKB - Conduct Ade (25) is damaged. Instead of protecting, they even raped his sister who was sitting on a bench high school in a vacant house just off at about 4:00 pm, Sunday (7/10/2011) ago. As a result, until now the brother, call it Flower (17) trauma.

Genesis begins when the flowers stay in a house in Taman Bahagia stepmother, Palembang West. Due to school holidays, Flowers asked permission to mother to stay at home because her stepmother did not know the flowers before the close family. He had been close to the family know Ade, since he moved to BKB from Karimun two years ago.

As usual, a family member who has not come together, flowers remain cheerful and joking with his stepmother. When night came, he slept with his stepmother. The disaster began when Ade develop flowers at about 2:30 pm. Ade invites Flower streets and watch the wildlife on the road racing Basuki Fitri.

Less than an hour, Ade have been previously influenced by alcohol to invite the streets and take home. But about 20 meters before going to his house, Ade asked Flowers to a vacant house on the grounds that there would be tried.

Without wonder, and because the lead is a biological brother, flowers come only when his hand pulled by Ade and her seat on the couch of the home. Ade previously menengak five bottles of white wine, with no base at all stale shorts strip flowers. Flower conscious of himself in direct danger of rejecting Ade, Ade stronger but because ultimately Flower pasrah. In seconds, Ade adikknya directly to the proposition.

The incident took place a few minutes. But before going, Ade could threaten the interest not to tell it to anyone. Finally, the patter of tears, flowers direct to homes stepmother.

Are of Ade, Flowers was sick organ. Flowers did not dare tell that to mother. It then tells it to his friends, and friends tell mother flowers.

Hearing this, the natural mother to invite Flowers Direct Flowers and report the incident to Mapolsek Palembang West, on Sunday night. Received the report, direct staff to move and work at home wife secures Ade Kampung Baru, Palembang West.

Ade set policy as suspects by the threat of rape against children up to 15 years imprisonment to a fine up to Rp 600 million, according article 81 Junto article 82 Law No. 23/2002 on the protection of children. "Suspect caught while sitting at home with his wife," said Andy Rahmansyah Sik Kapolsek AKP.

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